Yayasan Kasih Suwitno

Fraud is a generic category of crime which involves an individual or group of individuals dishonestly obtaining some advantage by means of deception or other means. Perpetrators of fraud may seek to gain money, property, time or information. The means used to perpetrate fraud are varied, as are the opportunities that arise that enable fraud to occur.

Fraud and corruption occurs throughout the world. As new forms of aid are introduced some programs and activities become more susceptible and vulnerable to fraud. This vulnerability requires greater vigilance by us as a Contractor with respect to both the prevention and detection of fraud. The aid environment in which we operate requires a sensitive awareness to the reporting of fraud as well as subsequent actions taken.

The YKS Fraud Control Plan (FCP) has been developed to provide Staff and Sub-Contractors with guidance on Fraud control and prevention.

Full Fraud Control Plan, click the document below:
Fraud Control Plan